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VR Giants is an asymmetrical local co-op vr puzzle plattformer developed by Risa Interactive (formerly Wolfgang Tschauko).
The game allows a VR player and a gamepad player to play together on one PC in the same virtual world. The VR player becomes a giant and the gamepad player controls a tiny person. Only by working together they can solve the puzzles and regain their freedom.

VR Giants is still in development and currently in beta. A release date is not yet set and depending on the funding situation.


The giant (Goliath) can help the dwarf (David) to cross abysses or reach higher platforms by offering his body as a bridge. David is highly vulnerable to fire, spikes and other dangers so Goliath must protect David. Only David can collect coins and keys to open gates but requires the assistance of the giant Goliath to do so. The giant Goliath is limited in his movement to a specific play area and can only be summoned by tiny David to move to a new play area.
VR Giants sparks joy and teaches kindness and team communication in a fun and intuitive way by making use of the unique technological feature of two completely different input devices.


The first version of VR Giants was created as part of a master thesis dealing with the subject of body presence in virtual reality. The project was started in 2017 as scientific research and is in developement to become a game since 2019. Already the first experimental version of VR Giants (back then called Goliath VR) was well received, won awards and was featured on news channels.
VR Giants is currently in beta and can be played by anyone who becomes a Patreon.

Main Features

  • 2 players: VR + PC join forces
  • VR player is a giant, PC player is a tiny person
  • Runs on 1 PC
  • Giant can move heavy objects to build bridges for David
  • David can use Goliaht’s body as platform

Beta Content

Available for supporters on Patreon

  • 7 Full Levels
  • 3 Different giant types (Solid, Temporary, Lava)
  • 4 Biomes, with different game mechanics (Ice, Desert, Volcano, Pasture)
  • ~ 2 hours of fun game play
  • + new levels or features added each month





Key Art


Dramatic Jump (5mb 680*382)

Awards & Recognition

  • “Winner of “Innovation in Games” LUDICIOUS Zurich Game Festival, Zurich 2019
  • “Winner of “Best Installation” JE.F Festival, Anthwerpen, 2019
  • “Nominated for: “#Experciences” Laval Virtual, Laval, 2019
  • “Winner of “Best Concept” ReVersed Festival, Vienna, 2017
  • “Winner of “Audience Choice SAGA Award” Button Festival, Graz, 2017

Selected Articles

  • “Wired.de named VR Giants among 10 impressive VR experiences on Gamescom 2018 – now GQ”
    – Wired.de – Achim Fehrenbach , Website
  • “Gamestar.de writing about VR Giants – Video Included”
    – Gamestar, Website
  • “GameTwo playing VR Giants at Gamescom 2019”
    – Game Two, Youtube Video
  • “Budi from Rocketbeans talking about VR Giants”
    – Rocketbeans Budi, Youtube Video
  • “IGN Video on IndieArenaBooth 2019”
    – IGN – Sydnee Goodman, Youtube Video

VR Giants created by:

Risa Interactive


We are a team of three people based in Graz.

More information
More information on Risa Interactive & relevant media are available here.

Additional Credits

Logo & Cover Art by Stefan Grassberger

Concept Art by Saskia De Klerk

Audio & Sound Design by Season3Audio

VR Giants ist gefördert durch aws impulse XL des BMDW abgewickelt durch die aws.